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Hello, new friend! If you have reached this page, you are probably a fellow fun-loving parent or caregiver. I'm glad you are here! I have spent the last twenty-five years as a professional educator and writer. But, nothing has brought me more joy than being a mom. Sure, it can be grueling work, but I hold tight to my belief that creating magical memories for my eight kids is by far the best part of parenthood. As the Hauser kids grow up (way too fast for my liking), we cling to our memories and our times together. And that, my friend, is what led me to make childhood magic my business. Our family's favorite traditions center around the Christmas holiday. We are one jolly bunch of believers, and rightfully so! Santa has been gracious over the years. But, who has really fueled our yule is that clever little elf, Impish.  Impish started helping Santa almost twenty years ago, right when she knew we wanted to keep the spirit of Christmas wrapped up tightly in our hearts. She helped Santa wrap gifts, but she never put names on any of them. How sneaky!  Rather, Impish began leaving clues in the children's stockings. At first, Impish was rather straight forward, like in Impish the Christmas Elf. She left an ornament in each stocking that matched wrapping paper under a tree. Match your ornament to your paper, and viola! You found your gift! But, as the children grew older, Impish's antics became far more sophisticated. This holiday helper developed Christmas themes that grew more elaborate over time. And what do you know... that sneaky little elf is still at it two decades later. It didn't take long for the word about Impish to spread, and with a little coaxing from the family, I decided it was time to share Impish with the world. In 2019, I started writing about Impish and her life at the North Pole. But, the fun didn't stop there. Soon, other families wanted this Christmas aficionado's tools of the trade too. So, I added implementation kits, props, and instructions to make the fun accessible to everyone who wants to invite Impish into their home. As you are about to find out, Impish isn't just a book; she's your newest favorite tradition!
A little about me... I grew up on a farm in rural Indiana and led a life brimming with imaginative quests and romps across the Midwestern countryside. Writing at an early age, I earned many scholastic awards and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education and as valedictorian of my class at St. Joseph’s College. I married my sweetheart, Joshua, in 1997, and we welcomed Jakob, our first son, in 1999. The family grew quickly, and my teaching career was in full swing.  I went on to earn my Master of Education degree in curriculum and instruction at Indiana Wesleyan University while welcoming our next two children.

After spending nearly 15 years in the elementary classroom (and adding five more Hausers to the family), I developed a yearlong homeschool curriculum that immersed our children in various experiences throughout the entire United States. But as the kids returned to the public schools, I returned my thoughts to teaching and writing. Not only did I start the Impish the Elf series, but I began writing parenting blogs for Indianapolis Moms, speaking publicly, and participating in local women's groups to support other moms. As a featured virtual teacher on the Today Show, I gained the confidence and momentum to grow Impish the Elf. And in 2022, Daymond John of Shark Tank featured Impish during a personal unboxing on Instagram! Impish is doing big things, and I am so happy you are here to experience all the joy! 

In the spirit of Christmas,