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Meet Amanda, the creative genius behind Impish the Elf, but first and foremost, a devoted Christian wife and mother who is on a mission to create magical experiences for her children. With over twenty-five years of experience as an educator, writer, parenting blogger, and curriculum designer, Amanda's professional journey has been nothing short of remarkable. She even joined Shark Tank's Daymond John's educator team, contributing to his latest venture, a children's book called "Little Daymond Learns to Earn."


Yet, Amanda's true source of joy lies in being a mom to her eight Hauser children, ranging in age from 5 to 24. While it can be challenging, she firmly believes that crafting enchanting memories for her kids is the ultimate reward of parenthood. Driven by the fleeting nature of childhood and the desire to preserve its innocence and wonder, Amanda and her family cling tightly to their cherished moments together. It was this deep-rooted love for creating magical memories that inspired Amanda to turn childhood magic into her business venture—enter Impish the Elf.


Tradition forms the cornerstone of Amanda's magical memory-making. Traditions provide a sense of safety, predictability, comfort, and security, ultimately bringing happiness to our lives. Amanda's family's favorite traditions revolve around the Christmas season, and they are a joyful bunch of believers in Santa's magic. However, it was Impish, that mischievous little elf, who truly ignited their holiday spirit. Impish joined forces with Santa almost two decades ago, offering a unique twist on gift-giving. Instead of labeling presents, Impish would leave clever clues in the children's stockings. Beginning with a simple matching ornament and wrapping paper scheme, Impish's escapades grew increasingly elaborate as the children matured, culminating in exciting themes like those found in Impish the Elf: World Traveler, Impish the Elf: Confection Perfection, and Impish the Elf: Secret Agent.


Word quickly spread about Impish's whimsical adventures, and with encouragement from her own family, Amanda decided to share the magic of Impish with the world. In 2019, she began writing about Impish and her life at the North Pole. However, the fun didn't end there. Other families were captivated by this Christmas aficionado and sought to bring Impish into their homes. To meet this demand, Amanda expanded her offerings beyond books, creating implementation kits complete with props and instructions, ensuring that the joy of Impish could be experienced by all. Impish became more than just a book; she became a beloved tradition for countless families, delivering fresh adventures and heightened anticipation each year. By slowing down the chaotic frenzy of Christmas morning, promoting family-based discovery and problem-solving, and instilling a sense of wonder in children, Impish allowed parents to create a Pinterest-worthy Christmas with minimal effort. Amanda generously shares her bonus ideas and encourages families to unleash their creativity to make the most of this magical experience.


On a personal note, Amanda's upbringing on a rural Indiana farm was marked by boundless imagination and countless adventures across the Midwestern countryside. Early on, her passion for writing led her to win numerous scholastic awards. She went on to graduate as valedictorian with a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education from St. Joseph's College. In 1997, she married her sweetheart, Joshua, and they welcomed their first son, Jakob, in 1999. As their family expanded rapidly, Amanda's teaching career blossomed. While raising her children, she pursued a Master of Education degree in curriculum and instruction at Indiana Wesleyan University. Along the way, Amanda developed a comprehensive yearlong homeschool curriculum that immersed her children in diverse experiences across the United States. As her children transitioned back to public schools, transitioning her focus to teaching and writing, she embarked on the creation of the beloved Impish the Elf series, along with writing parenting blogs for Indianapolis Moms, public speaking engagements, and active participation in local women’s groups to support fellow mothers. Recognized as a featured virtual teacher on the Today Show, Amanda gained the confidence and momentum to further expand the reach of Impish the Elf. In a momentous milestone, Daymond John of Shark Tank showcased Impish during a personal unboxing of Instagram in 2022, solidifying its position as a major presence in the world of magic and wonder. Impish continues to thrive, making a significant impact on the lives of families worldwide.


In the spirit of Christmas,


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