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"I'm not just a book; I am a tradition!"

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Impish The Christmas Elf

In her first book, Impish develops a ploy to make Christmas gift-giving even more fun! Discover how the tradition begins with this simple antic.

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Impish The Elf : World Traveler

In the second book in the series, Lil’ Impish travels the world looking for inspiration in the faces of children whom she has delighted in her gift-wrapping antics. Don’t forget to download the matching boarding passes!

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Impish the Elf: Confection Perfection

In the third book in the series, Lil' Impish is struck with a case of creator's block and searches for a taste of genius in the large candy kitchens tucked deep below the North Pole. It is there she finds an unlikely friend and some very sweet inspiration.


Impish the Elf: Secret Agent

Operation Christmas is underway as Impish the Elf embarks on her newest adventure to solve a top secret message. The North Pole elite are buzzing with excitement for this year's C.H.E.E.R. celebration, but the evening of excellence is interrupted when Impish receives a mysterious code. Want the entire experience? Check out the kit on our page!

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Your family’s newest favorite tradition!

"I just opened the Impish box and I'm OBSESSED - it's so cute!! Everything is so thought out and thorough. (I especially like that you have the paper with the QR code for easy access to additional content.) This is something I definitely would have loved to receive as a kid!"

Taryn with "The Shark Group"

"The rhyme and the cadence are spot-on, but in this jolly and jovial picture book, to say that there is an unexpected twist is quite an understatement." 

US Review of Books

"It is sure to inspire you to take on a new twist to your gift-giving traditions. Kids will love the whimsical illustrations and the clever mysteries to solve on Christmas morning." 

Shannon Anderson - Author of Y is for Yet and Mindset Power

"Being transported by storyline prose of bouncy, clean and clever rhyming wordsmithing, Impish The Christmas Elf brings readers, and those being told the story, to Santa's workshop at the North Pole."  

Pacific Book Review